What if as coaches, we were asking our clients to consider the question:

How do you create and allow a life around yourself that fits who you are?

How can we work with folks from a different perspective that allows them to take a different perspective?

Taking the pain out of change

People often think of "brain-based coaching" as being about the brain "bits" (i.e., the anatomy, what do the different parts do, how can we teach people about those parts, etc.) -- but what if we had a different world-view of the way the brain works and we embedded that into how we work with people?

If we can help clients to accept the nature of the way brain and life work, then we can indeed help them remove the pain from the "pain and struggle". They can keep the struggle -- which is a good thing, the struggle is what allows us to Emerge into someplace new.

If we understand the way the brain works -- the underlying principles and not just the "brain bits"-- it provides an opening for us as coaches to position coaching as something quite different from therapy or other approaches that are offering a specific "targeted intervention". It gives us the opportunity to position ourselves as a profession that works with our clients -- with their healthy brain networks -- to influence and allow change to unfold, to contribute to currents that will change their current flow, in ways that support who they really are and how they really "work". We avoid the potentially dis-empowering effects of taking a linear, predict-and-control approach to creating change.

I'm creating an on-line experience specifically for brain-based coaches.

Based on a previous survey I did, brain-based coaches told me they get put off by the flood of new (and always changing!) information, obscure jargon, and the challenges of not ending up just lecturing to their clients about the brain.  So.... What if you could confidently learn and use key, very cool principles about the brain -- AND be sure these principles were permanently accurate and universally applicable – kind of like a Rosetta Stone for life?

Based on my perspective on the brain, I think you can do this.

First step: Help me design a course that will be just right for your needs. In about 5 minutes, you can start creating the brain course of your dreams;-)