We Are Not Alone

Where does Resilience Come From?

I mentioned in my last post that I was impressed and fascinated by the resilience of the Guatemalans — after so many years of the internal armed conflict, genocide, and now continuing aggression and displacement directed against them by multinational companies, one of the questions in my mind was how do they do it?


How do they keep going when every advance seems met by a step 0r two back?:

We Are What we Practice

One of the Principles of the Way of the Brain is that We Are Not Alone -- our brains are changing and evolving not only from what goes on inside our heads, but also from adding in the influences we interact with on the "outside".

Here is one research report that describes what these influences can look like in "real life".

Craig Anderson from Iowa State University along with his colleagues, looked at the effects of playing violent video games on